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Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

march 2, 2017

Hello my name is Bishop Yolanda Taylor I started Building Our Children Ministry INC. Two years ago my passion work is to help other teen mothers AND  youth  WOMEN WITH CHILDREN  that is struggling substance abuse, homelessness, ABUSE in and out of incarceration I can relate to a lot of their situations .I have live that life once before one of my best friend’s mother sit down with me and had a very long talk with me she told me to find God and once I fount  God that my life will change and I followed her advice. Ever day I’m giving back what someone gave me and that was an opportunity to change my life, change my direction, change the way I was thinking walking and talking .I make God the head of my life and now I’m a Business owner I’m a licensed vocational nurse, and I’m also a Bishop by God’s calling I know you can change I’m a living testimony!!!!

February 14, 2017

• Hi my name is Darrell Lewis I was once lost as a young man I picked the wrong friends the wrong kinda lifestyle I ran the streets  FOR  a long time thinking I new everything. thinking I can handle life situations I dropped out of school I made my mom cry many nights I went to prison at a young age. I kept my mom on her knees praying and crying I never never meant to hurt my mother. I just got caught up with the wrong kind of people it’s so easy to get caught up with the wrong crowd .before you know it your life is a disaster after doing my time in prison I had a long time to think about a lot of things that I did wrong. so I call my mom Wednesday and I apologize for hurting my mom so much my mother told me to seek God. I never understood what she meant by that but I start seeking God and made God head of my life and ask God to alter my footsteps and now I have completed High School completion .I am working on a degree and I’m also a partnership at one of a wonderful organization to help other young men and young women get their life back on track. we all make mistakes but in making those mistakes did you learn from that mistake ?Not to make that mistake again young men and young women seek God first come to the program at 

Building  Our Children Ministry  INC  THEY help change my life and I know it change yours.

March 2, 2017

Building  our  children  ministry  inc -is design to bring families back together, save the teen mothers and youth ,where they  were once lost. Our mission will get them back on track. We have a one-year in-house program depending on the level of need, will be the level of program designed to them is a 5 step program that they must complete successfully .Standing on my own program is designed to teach them how to hold a stable job, Their career focus  is in  line  with stable housing . Parenting classes is design to teach them how to become  better  parents. All our programs and job training will be onsite. After completing the 5 step program they will be handed a certificate of completion. They will have a stable job, a stable life career  as well stable housing paid-up for  six  months to a year depending on the program they went through .Our after care  program for  transitional housing for 1 whole year to make sure things are still stable and going the proper way. Bring your teen mothers & youth to Building Our  Children Ministry INC. Do you what to see a change in you're child life now is the time to get them in our program .You will   see some wonderful results in your child future...