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Standing on Our Own program

Standing on Our Own program

The Standing on Our Own Program is a progressive five step program in order to help teen mothers get on their feet, and to establish life skills that are necessary for family growth and personal growth. We also provide shelter for these young women during this program in order to prevent them from being homeless. This one-year program aims to teach young mothers how to care for their young, establish and maintain a household, further education, and to become established within the workforce.

Population(s) Serve.



Stop no more violence

Stop no more violence - The No More Violence program is a program that encompasses education our teen mothers and youth. This program also allows and teaches our youth to share amongst each other, work together, and to establish bonds with one another. The youth establish meaningful bonds with one another and our staff by sharing their stories, backgrounds, and goals. Our staff also strives to show them how to stand on their own in the world today.

Population(s) Serve.



Work Program for the Youth & Teen mothers

The Work Program is here to show the youth how to maintain a steady job and teach them work ethic, which is vital to their personal growth no matter what their background may be. This program not only services youth who never worked before, but to help those who may need getting back into the workforce. I aim bring fifty work programs within the city for our teen mothers and youth.

Population(s) Serve.




After School programs

Our After School Programs is for the youth who may be struggling with academics and want educational help. We focus in helping any subject where extra help may be needed, but we mainly focus on Science, Math, Social Studies, English, and handwriting. We will also aid our teen mothers & youth with mother's education classes, substance classed, understanding who you are classes, and step study classes.

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A Public service Announcement

A Public service Announcement

As a youth they are drawn to a criminal lifestyle. This 8 Step Program will help them overcome many obstacles. Relief is the first step in self-improvement. I,

Nathan Nichols has an avid interest in becoming the driving force of

advocacy in those that are juvenile delinquents. I take this opportunity as it.

presents, to help those that experience of emotion: the fear, guilt, remorse, loneliness, hopelessness, there no why out but to run, our 8 step programs help them self-identify they joy, laughter and

the release of knowing whether you would evolve or disappear. Knowing they will overcome all and will be able to stand tall. Don’t look back go forward and become a strong young man after all. we give juveniles a chance and

opportunity to become someone. Throughout the journey of our

program, all youth will be provided steppingstones to elevate them to

their fullest potential. Upon leaving our 6-month program, all youth will

have skills and knowledge to further propel them in life. This includes.

his own residence and ongoing support from “A Public Service

Announcement’ and its respected resources. Population(s) Serve.

Budget 99,000 

Avery Foundation

Avery Foundation


FACES CHALLENGES The educational expenses alone will discourage continuing your education.

The debt that is accumulated with student loans.

Majority of the times the grants and loans still are not enough to cover for you to finish your degree.

2015 reported that 77.3% of African American babies born, were to unmarried mothers.

Helping lift the families out of poverty.

Buget 380,000 

New Step to Christ program

New Steps to Christ Program

Our New Steps to Christ Program is designed to structure our teen mothers & youth families to begin knowing who GOD IS. This program focuses on showing our young men and women what having faith means and that Christ makes sense, and that Jesus is real. We focus on helping them getting into the next steps of choosing to incorporate Christ into their life.

Population(s) Serve.



No Child Left Behind Program

No Child Left Behind Program

No child is to stand alone, this program covers Battered women & children Human Trafficking.

Of children & Teens safe housing, and more Population(s) Serve.


What our customers are saying

customer testimonial i sent my daughter to the program now she is doing very well ,went back to school and have a nice job  MRS DEAL  THANK BOCM FOR ALL YOU DONE .. AIM VERY confidence IN THIS PROGRAM WILL HELP SO MANY YOUTH AND TEEN MOTHERS ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH